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Desktop app for dispatching and tracking

The desktop application is used by Dispatchers to create Jobs with tasks, optimize job itineraries and dispatch them to available drivers. This is the control station for tracking, monitoring and reporting.

All data are stored securely on the cloud. There is no need to install anything. All you need is a WEB browser and online connection.

Trusted web browsers

Android application for drivers and field workers

This mobile application can be used by drivers to receive the jobs, navigate and collect reports and communicate with the office.

Thanks to GPS and an online connection, the dispatcher can track the driver’s position and Job status online in real time.

Hardware requirements
Android 4+ recommended with GPS and internet connection

Offline navigation with real time traffic

Professional Sygic GPS Navigation for trucks and service vehicles.

Thanks to the unique Navigation sidebar, the driver always sees all important information about the current job on screen.

*This feature is available at additional cost.

API to get integrated with your systems

Use our easy to implement API to get connected with your ordering or optimization systems.

You can make job creation, dispatching or monitoring fully managed by your existing system with no need to use the dispatcher’s web page.

API Documentation

Sygic FleetWork allows you to create jobs with multiple tasks, providing the exact location and time window for each task. Jobs and tasks hierarchy has been made to bring flexibility for different kind of needs that appear when a job is created.

Custom fields

You may enhance jobs with custom fields providing an option to add or collect extra information about the job.

You may add as many text field or drop down options as you need.

Job templates

Easily create templates for repetitive tasks.

Are you in touch with certain customers more often? Create a template with all repeating data and dispatch it anytime with a single click.

Route optimization

Before dispatching an itinerary with multiple tasks, you can optimize the route in the Sygic FleetWork web application.

The service will calculate the best possible sequence of single tasks to save time and fuel.

Job rules

You may take control on how the job is being done. If you need a driver to take the desired task, start or finish his work at a desired time or not allow him to finish the job if he is at the incorrect address, the system can manage this automatically for you.

Barcode support

Sygic FleetWork allows barcode scanning of packages as they arrive at your facility for better tracking capabilities and inventory management.

Add barcodes to Sygic FleetWork and see exactly which packages have been delivered. You can upload codes via .csv file with name of the product and other information.

Once the jobs are created, you can dispatch them with one click to your worker's smartphone based on his current position and availability. Sygic FleetWork offers several methods to do this automatically and effectively.

Live map view

An online overview of all your drivers on the map with their current job status, the job being performed and their speed is presented.

You can assign a new job to the closest driver directly from the map.

Automatic dispatching

You can do this manually, but Sygic FleetWork can automatically assign each task to the closest available driver.

If driver does not automatically accept an assigned job for a set period of time, Sygic Fleetwork automatically sends the job to the next available driver.

You can also use the Assign to all feature, which assigns the job to all drivers and the first who accept it, gets the job.

Built-in messaging

Exchange messages with drivers directly in the mobile application to provide more information about each task.

Sygic FleetWork messaging supports attachments with documents or images to collect proof of delivery or document complaints.

Proof of delivery

Sygic FleetWork allows signature capture for electronic authentication and stores photographs as proof of the job having been completed.

All this information is automatically stored with the location information, and it can automatically be sent to the dispatcher once the driver connects to a Wifi connection.


Automatic notifications are sent to the dispatcher when a job is created, accepted, in progress or done.

Sygic FleetWork allows the user to set custom notification types and emails on both sides – the dispatcher's and driver's.

Using Sygic FleetWork allows dispatchers to collect information about drivers’ positions, their performance and their behavior in real time. All is visible on an interactive online map and from series of useful reports like travel history, working hours or speeding reports that can be exported into .csv file format.

Real time job statuses

You will see the Jobs update as they progress.

From accepting the job and travelling to the destination, to finishing the job, you will have complete visibility of all your jobs at a glance in real time.

Current position

Real-time information about current positions of all assets, driver or staff with trip log and traveled routes is presented on map.

Travel history

Real-time record of the drivers' daily activities including information about the traveled distance, finished jobs or driving time per each driver.

Each event (Job status change, Sent and received messages, Customer digital signature) is stored with location and time stamp. If GPS is not available, the network position is taken to provide complete track record.


Sygic FleetWork offers a series of useful reports that can be exported to .csv file.

Trip log
Real-time record of the traveled distance, finished jobs or driving time of each driver.

Time sheets
Automatic real time report of working hours in field for each worker.

Speeding report
Real time report on the driving style of your drivers. Sygic FleetWork can inform you each time your driver is speeding.

Parcel tracking

Track my parcel plugin allows users to share the position and estimated time of the arrival of couriers or field service workers with the customer.

The customer can be notified with an email containing a link to an interactive map 1 hour before the driver will reach his destination.

CSV import / export

You may use CSV data file to import bulk jobs.

All job statistics and selected reports may be exported in CSV format for further management.

API to get integrated with your systems

Use our easy to implement API to get connected with your ordering or optimization systems.

You can make job creation, dispatching or monitoring fully managed by your existing system with no need to use the dispatcher’s web page.

API Documentation

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Sygic FleetWork makes mobile workforce more productive and businesses more profitable across different industries.

Utility and repair services

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Included Features 4.99 €/$ per month
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Enterprise features
GPS Navigation for cars and vans
Navigation sidebar
Real Time Job Management
GPS Tracking and mapping
Built-in messaging
Instant Dispatching
Automatic dispatching
Route optimization
Job history
Photo attachments
Job delay warnings
E-mail notifications
Signature capture for electronic authentication
Custom fields
Job rules
Job templates
Create job from mobile app
Barcodes support
Travel history
Speed violation reports
Trip log
Parcel tracking

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