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Available on PC, MAC and Android

"Excellent for convenient task management of remote workers."

Алексей Боровков


Take advantage of your mobile devices and have your jobs under control.

Dispatch jobs to drivers phones

Mobile employees will receive all job details directly on to their mobile device. Job Dispatch integrates with Sygic and Google maps for navigation. So, no time is wasted on going the wrong way.

Schedule tasks from your office to mobile devices

Job Dispatch allows dispatchers to schedule jobs online from any computer so mobile employees can see work plan on their Android devices. This sophisticated tool helps businesses in many industries to organize and assign jobs to mobile staff.

Up-to-date workflow monitoring

It is a easy way to track job progress and the location of staff. Their location and direction are shown on the map. GPS tracking saves time and can dispatch whoever is nearest to the job. When notified if a job is running late and the dispatcher can simply reschedule tasks.

Real-time reporting and messaging

This job management system also enables users to report and send messages about specific jobs. When the job is done an employee is able to photograph it as a proof.

Review and job history

Review tasks, staff performance and job history. See how much time is spent on each job and fully customize the workflow in the future. It is a good way to save money and reduce costs.

Let’s dive into the details

Bar Code Scanner

Job Dispatch allows barcode scanning of packages as they arrive at your facility for better tracking capabilities. It is great feature for warehouse and inventory management. Add barcodes to job system and see exactly, which packages have been delivered. You can upload codes via .csv file with name of the product and other information.

API Integration

Dispatch jobs directly from your system using our API. You can create and dispatch tasks, get task statuses or driver's location without using Job Dispatch WEB interface. You can also use API to get connected with 3rd party systems. Easy integration with online help.

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Send messages directly to drivers phones. They can write you back and you will be able to see their exact location. Messenger allows you to add attachements for more information about each task. Include documents and images as part of the job order. It is the best way how to send photography as a proof when some of goods are broken.

Job Templates

Easily create templates for repetitive tasks. Are you in touch with some customer more often? Create a template with all repeating data and dispatch it anytime with a single click.

Location Tracking

Track your employees and see their real-time position. For better reach, Job dispatch uses GPS signal and also mobile networks. You can see position of drivers even they are in buildings or tunnels. You can set accuracy of tracking in settings as well you can prevent drivers from turning Location Tracking off.

Advanced Options

Let Job Dispatch find the best driver for each task and it will be assigned to closest and available driver thanks to autoassign feature. Autodecline feature automatically declines job, if driver is not accepting for set period of time. Job Dispatch automatically send job to next possible driver.


Job Dispatch supports signature capture for electronic authentication. Once, a signature has been captured, it is automatically sent to the dispatcher. Also with location of signing.


Receive automatic notifications when a job is created, accepted, in progress or done. Create custom notification types and emails on both sides – dispatcher's and driver's. Need more features or options? Challenge us with your own needs and write an e-mail at

Custom forms

Enhance your jobs with custom fields providing an option to add or collect extra information in the field. Bar codes, custom editable text box or static info may be added to job easily to fit your custom needs.

Route Optimization

Before dispatching itinerary with multiple tasks, you can optimize the route in Sygic Job Dispatch web application by addresses of single tasks. The service will calculate best possible sequence of single tasks to save time and fuel.


Sygic Job Dispatch offers series of useful reports that can be exported to .csv file.

Trip log
Real-time record of traveled distance, finished jobs or driving time per each driver.

Time sheets
Automatic real time report of working hours about your workers in field.

Speeding report
Real - time report on driving style of your drivers. Sygic Job Dispatch can inform you each time your driver is speeding.

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Available on PC, MAC and Android

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Register and get free 30 days trial
Available on PC, MAC and Android

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