The Sygic iOS SDK offers APIs to enable developers to access Sygic location-based assets and bring a location experience to their applications. Beautiful hybrid maps, a global database of Places and a world-class routing capability will make your apps world class. The powerful Sygic map engine provides options for rendering map data and route calculation. You can use either our wonderful online maps or download offline maps to navigate also without internet connection.

System Requirements

  • iOS 8.0 or above. iOS 10 is recommended for optimal operation.
  • XCode 7.3 or above, running on Mac OS X 10.10 or above.
  • Supported devices:
  • iPhone 4S or newer
  • iPad 3 or newer
  • iPad Mini 2 or newer

Install the SDK

Following steps show how to manually add Sygic iOS SDK framework to your project and configure your build settings.

  1. Download the Sygic iOS SDK source files:
  2. Unpack the source files.
  3. Launch Xcode and either open an existing project, or create a new project.
  4. Select your project from the Project Navigator, and choose your application's target.
  5. Open General tab and drag the SygicNavi.framework into Embedded Binaries. Keep checked Copy items if needed to add framework to your Project sources.
  6. Open the Build settings tab and in the Other linker flags option introduce -ObjC.

Add the API key to your application

First you have to make some changes in your info.plist file. You have to add App Transport Security Settings with settings you see in the attached picture. Second thing you have to add is Privacy - Location When In Use Usage Description.

Changes that have to be done in info.plist

Now add your API key to your AppDelegate.swift as follows:

Add the following import statement into your Bridging header file. See the tutorial how to create a bridging header file.

#import <SygicNavi/SYSygic.h>

Add the following to your application(_:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:) method, replacing API_KEY with your API key and SECRET_CODE with your Secret code:

SYContext.initWithAppKey("YOUR_APP_NAME", appSecret: "YOUR_API_KEY") { (initResult) in
            if (initResult == .success) {
            } else {

Upgrade from an earlier version

If you previously installed the Sygic SDK for iOS from a zip file containing a static framework:

  1. Remove all references to the previous framework from your Xcode project.
  2. Follow the instructions to install the Sygic SDK for iOS using CocoaPods.
  3. Make any necessary changes as a result of the upgrade. See the release notes for a list of the changes in each release.
  4. Clean and rebuild your project by selecting Product > Clean and then Product > Build.