All Sygic Mobile Maps navigation apps for iPhone updated globally for free

Aug 30, 2010

Mobile Maps updated_fast app switching
Sygic updated its Mobile Maps, bringing map search update, fast app switching in iOS 4 and further improvements to the market-proven turn-by-turn navigation application for mobile phones. The update is available for download from iTunes for all 12 regional packages and it is free of charge for current users of the application on the iPhone.

Sygic's iOS 4-ready Mobile Maps is now live on iTunes and free for download for current customers. With fast app switching Mobile Maps load back after a phone call or switching to another app within a blink of an eye. This update (Version 8.1.6) also features major upgrade in map search experience, improvements in position calculation, new voices, navigation to contacts with special formatting, postal code search with spaces, online weather and more.

All 12 regional apps have been updated: Mobile Maps Europe, Mobile Maps North America, Mobile Maps Southeast Asia, Mobile Maps Australia & New Zealand, Mobile Maps US, Mobile Maps UK & Ireland, Mobile Maps Brazil, Mobile Maps Russia, Mobile Maps India, Mobile Maps Gulf Countries, Mobile Maps Colombia, Mobile Maps Hong Kong – Macau – Taiwan.

Highlites of the update:

  • Fast app switching in iOS 4 for iPhone (on the picture: View of Mobile Maps ready for fast app switching after the touch of the iPhone home button)
  • Maps search received a major upgrade. Now with more search results, more detail and easier navigation to addresses.
  • Improvement in pinpointing your exact location ensures your safety and comfort while you drive. Always have enough warning before making a turn or changing to another lane.
  • New female English voice, (Mara), and Latin Spanish voices (Josephine and Alejandro) included for your convenience. Go to Settings – Set voice – to choose one of our voice talents.
  • Postal code search now deals with spaces.
  • With real-time weather info you can always know what kind of conditions to expect. Go to Menu/ Extras / Weather.
  • Largely improved navigation to addresses stored in iPhone Contacts. You will now be able to navigate to contacts that contain abbreviations and special signs like apostrophes, dots etc.

For more information about the update, please, see the section What's new of the app description in iTunes. In order to be able to see and download the update, the users need to have their iPhones updated to the new iOS 4.


Media contact: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,

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