Be in touch with CEO of Sygic

I am Michal Stencl, the founder and CEO of Sygic. Since my childhood, I have been driven to design products for billions of users worldwide. When I was 17 I released an operating system called QubeOS that I designed myself, and at age 24 I established Sygic.

If you think you are an extraordinary person that is driven by a vision to design and build products for billions of users worldwide, or if you have a great idea that you would like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If there is anything we can improve, I would be more than happy to hear your feedback, too. Since Sygic is used by more than 70 million users world-wide, I am not able to answer all of your questions directly. However, I will do my best to dedicate a time during late nights for those that definitely deserve it.