Free major update for Sygic Mobile Maps Europe for iPhone got live on iTunes

Feb 24, 2010

iPhone_new_screenshot_UK_SlideShow_5Sygic Mobile Maps Europe turn-by-turn navigation for iPhone has got a major update. It is bringing iPhone-friendly user interface, trendy new design and new features to its users free of charge.

Sygic Mobile Maps is a turn-by-turn voice guided navigation software that converts mobile phones into full-featured navigation devices. It is fully operable on hundreds of mobile phones and smartphones running major mobile operation systems, incl. iPhone, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile, incl. Windows Mobile 6.5. It also supports various PDA, PND and MID devices based on Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista or Linux.

„In this major Mobile Maps update for iPhone, that we are giving to our customers for free, we have tried to include maximum of the features our users demanded so far, as well as our own ideas to make the app even more useful and user-friendly. We are thankful to all people who have provided their feedback on our product. We hope they'll like the results and we encourage them to speak to us anytime they'd like to share any comment or idea.“ says Michal Stencl, Sygic's CEO.

„We would like to ask our European app users to accept our sincere apologies that it took us so long to deliver an application update to you. We had an update ready for you since mid of January but unfortunately due to a technical issue in iTunes, the application update could not been published.“ explains Anna Hurbanic, Sygic's PR Manager.

The update includes:

  • Fresh new look and feel of the whole application,
  • Natural scrolling through menus with no buttons needed,
  • Pinch to zoom the map,
  • Dynamic menu animation,
  • Optimized music playback during navigation,
  • iPhone-like keyboard,
  • Contacts integration enhanced by means of utilizing 1400 common abbreviations for address segments across 24 languages,
  • Added Norwegian and Greek instruction voices
  • New speed camera database from the SCDB community – FREE of charge. More than 26000 speed cameras across 36 European countries. 99% coverage. Free updates of the speed camera database with every update of our iPhone app.
  • Policetraps community – share mobile and static speed cameras and get warnings updated in real-time. Sign up on or report anonymously. Tap the bottom part of the navigation screen to report speed cameras or incidents,
  • Traffic info icon is already present in the main menu – it will be activated at the moment of launching the service, availability and launch time depends on region,
  • Useful indicators – network signal, battery status, GPS signal strength icon and time – now present throughout the menu on top right panel,
  • Recent state or country is stored automatically, new destination entry is easier and non-relevant cities from various states will not pop up
  • The app is ready for Google Local Search and Sygic is awaiting the green light from Google. The weather information feature is also ready and awaiting activation.

Link to the application, including full description:…/id306486840?mt=8

iPhone_new_screenshot_UK_portLand_SlideShow_1 iPhone_new_screenshot_UK_new_featur_SlideShow_2

iPhone_new_screenshot_UK_poltraps_SlideShow_4 iPhone_new_screenshot_UK_keyboar_SlideShow_3



Contact for media information: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,

About Sygic

Sygic develops and sells turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation for a wide range of mobile devices. Sygic delivers its GPS software worldwide in more than 20 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Malay, Greece, Russian and nearly all European languages, working together with map providers to support maps for all regions. Sygic cooperates strongly with leading PND, phone and PMP manufactures worldwide to bring the latest technology to the market. Sygic supports major OS's: iPhone, Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista and Linux, and its applications have been approved on more than 200 devices.

Sygic's major competitive advantages are based on navigation experience from professionals: intuitive user interface, fast rendering and route calculation, low demand on processors and memory, automatic screen resolution adaptation, smart recognition and self-setting to keyboard or touch screen operation and especially the multiplatform engine, all this to make the application start quickly and run smoothly on any device.

The company was founded in 2004 with a vision to operate as a strong, technically oriented company in order to bring innovative products for the LBS/ Navigation market.

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