Free map updates provided to Sygic e-shop customers

February 24, 2011

big update on Sygic e-shop!
Sygic Mobile Maps for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile apps sold via Sygic e-shop for all regions, are now receiving a free update containing new application version and a free map update. Additionally, the users of Mobile Maps for Android with compatible devices are getting a free upgrade to Sygic Aura.

Sygic is providing it's e-shop customers with a free update to Mobile Maps 10, application version 8.2 and latest maps. Users of Mobile Maps for Android are also getting Sygic Aura application for free. Sygic Aura utilizes 3D chips of devices so users are advised to check compatibility of their device at before downloading. The app is compatible with Android 2.0 and higher. Sygic Aura for Android comes with the latest maps.

Information about this update and how to install will be e-mailed from Sygic Support team to all existing customers using applications for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices purchased on Sygic e-shop in following weeks.

Mobile Maps FREE map update includes:
> Latest road coverage
> Updated house numbers
> Updated POI database
> Updated lanes
> Updated speed limits
> Updated flyovers
> Updated one-ways
> Updated turn restrictions

Mobile Maps 10 application version 8.2 comes with these new features:
- New Battery management – in background GPS turns off automatically to save battery life when no route is planned. To cancel navigation in the background cancel route. Go to: Menu – Route – Cancel.
- Traffic optimization for memory consumption
- Navigate to Contacts functionality improved
- Direct street entry without the need to know the name of the city or suburb in which the street is located
- Optimized search interface
- New settings to avoid congestion charge zones
- View pictures on map – Go to Settings – Online services and enable Panoramio
- Better address search in areas on city/town periphery
- Routing on crossings and roundabouts improved
- Speed camera alerts also when no route is planned
- Bigger Lane assistant with better contrast
- Accentuated signalization when speed limit is exceeded
- Speed cameras also visible as POIs on map
- New settings for safety message
- Automatic language detection in first run wizard
- Improved announcements of distance to next maneuver if miles/feet are selected
- Improved Back button logic

Sygic Aura 2.1.2 features:
- Turn-by-turn car navigation with voice guidance
- Maps stored on the phone
- 3D view of cities and landscape
- Multi-stop route planning with interim destinations 
- Road incident sharing and real-time notifications
- Speed camera and speed limit display and audio warning
- Lane Assistant and signposts
- Traveled routes statistics and altitude profiles in Travel Book
- High-Res display
- Automatic resolution adaptation
- Multitasking
- Hardware accelerated 3D rendering
- Car audio integration using bluetooth or cable
- Automatic screen rotation using accelerometer
- Compass-assisted direction detection
- Multitouch support for easier map browsing
- City guides from premium providers and from Wikipedia

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Media contact: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,

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