HI CORPORATION 3D Rendering Engine "MascotCapsule® Renderion" Is Adopted for Sygic GPS Navigation Application. Both Companies Enter into MOU to Expand Marketing Activities.

February 14, 2011

HI CORPORATION (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, JASDAQ: 3846; President and CEO: Kazuo Kawabata; hereinafter „HI“) announced today that HI and Sygic, a.s. (hereinafter „Sygic“) have signed a software license agreement for 3D rendering engine „MascotCapsule® Renderion“ (hereinafter „Renderion“) for the Sygic Aura navigation manufactured by Sygic.

Through this agreement, the real 3D navigation system equipped with Renderion will be sold in download markets such as the AndroidTM market. In addition, HI and Sygic have concluded a MOU on the collaboration to develop and expand marketing activities for Renderion and Sygic Aura.

Sygic Aura on PND device

Renderion is software that enables 3D graphics processing with CPU power alone, without GPU acceleration. Optimized for ARM core, Renderion allows high-performance processing by using software alone. Completely conforming to the international standard 3D graphics API „OpenGL® ES1.1“, Renderion realizes international-standard graphics renderings on budget oriented consumer electronics and cellular phones that are not equipped with a GPU at lower costs. In addition, supporting various operation systems such as Android, Linux, and Windows Mobile, Renderion flexibly supports customizations for each embedded device.                   

Sygic designs, develops and sells full-featured turn-by-turn GPS navigation software for smartphones and mobile devices, supporting the widest range of operating platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Maemo, Windows CE, Windows Vista/XP and Linux.
HI's software integrated into Sygic Aura software allows users of PND and InDash devices, which do not utilise hardware-based 3D acceleration, to experience high-level 3D performance of the Sygic navigation software. This is a unique opportunity for manufacturers and producing channels to achieve highly competitive position on the market by distributing Sygic products for PND and InDash.“ Says Michal Stencl, Sygic's CEO. 

Renderion's a­doption for Sygic Aura allows its users to enjoy this navigation application with 3D graphics on low-end and middle-end devices without an OpenGL ES-compliant GPU. If the device is supplied with an application download function, users can just download the Sygic Aura without specific settings, allowing more users to enjoy this application.

Sygic Aura with Renderion can be adopted into the device through the implementation of the application alone; it is also possible to apply customizations for improved performance of embedded devices. This allows consumer electronics makers to adopt a high-quality 3D navigation application at lower development costs.

In terms of application developers, there is also a merit of using the application for low-end devices that were originally developed for high-end devices through the rendering, which enables application development at reduced costs.

HI and Sygic will join hands in expanding the 3D navigation market for low-end devices, and promote marketing activities for Renderion and Sygic Aura , targeting at consumer electronics manufactures and portable device makers.


MascotCapsule® is a registered trademark of HI CORPORATION in Japan.
Sygic and the Sygic logo are registered trademarks of Sygic.
Other company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of respective companies.


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[About HI]

HI CORPORATION is a global software company providing various embedded solutions. Its „MascotCapsule“ has been shipped with more than 600 million units as of March 2010.

[About Sygic]

Sygic develops, markets and sells innovative turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation software and location-based products. Sygic's appli­cations are present across more than 200 devices running on all major mobile operating systems.


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