Mission Vision & Values

Our mission

We enable people to go anywhere and explore any place with confidence.

Our vision

We envision guiding each and every person on the move.

Core values

To us, innovation means creating new customer value by increasing
perceived customer benefits and decreasing perceived customer costs.
Innovation is what drives business development at Sygic.

Staying focused
At Sygic, we focus on strategic issues, rather than just on those that
are interesting. We focus on what moves us forward quickly,
not on what just keeps us busy.

Challenging ourselves
At Sygic, we are energized/inspired/motivated by ambitious dreams,
goals, projects and tasks. We keep pushing ourselves beyond the familiar,
beyond our comfort zone and beyond our past performance.
That’s how we make things happen.

We believe that people with a passion for what they do are capable
of great achievements, because they have an inquisitive attitude,
an open mind and the ability to drive things forward. At Sygic,
we all love what we do.

We acknowledge that tiny atoms bound together into molecules,
and molecules joined together as substances, ultimately make up
the universe. At Sygic, the team is “the star”. And within the team,
it is the individual performance of each member that counts.