Real-Time Traffic for Sygic GPS navigation apps launched in Australia

September 7, 2010

Traffic in Sygic nav app on iPhone_AustraliaSygic has teamed up with Intelematics Australia to provide real-time traffic updates for it's turn-by-turn voice guided navigation applications Mobile Maps and Aura in Australia. This is the first national traffic service available for a navigation app on iPhone in Australia.

The up-to-the-minute traffic information is provided by SUNA Traffic Channel, Australia's first digital traffic information service that broadcasts detailed information on traffic congestion and other road conditions directly to compatible devices.

Subscribers to Real-Time Traffic will receive up-to-date information about traffic incidents such as accidents, road closures, traffic congestion and major road works. Integrated into the Sygic applications this information will help users avoid long traffic delays by suggesting alternative routes. Sygic's Mobile Maps and Aura apps will also notify drivers of the location of speed cameras and road crossing locations as well as changes in speed limits for added safety.

Adam Game, Chief Executive Officer, Intelematics Australia said Sygic navigation applications offer one of the most detailed traffic update capabilities for Smartphones in Australia through its utilization of the SUNA Traffic Channel service. „The sophistication of the Sygic navigation apps integrated with the SUNA Traffic Channel makes this offering a great way for users to receive detailed traffic information via their Smartphone,“ Mr. Game said.

The Real-Time Traffic is currently available as an add-on feature for Sygic navigation applications running on all the major mobile platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile. A 12 month subscription to Real-Time Traffic is available for purchase via the Sygic web e-shop ( for an annual licence fee of AU$ 28.99. This service is available for Sygic Mobile Maps version 8.1 and higher, as well as for Aura version 1.16 and higher.  As it is a connected feature, internet connection is required in order to use the service.

For more information on SUNA Traffic Channel please visit:

Screenshots from the service on an iPhone and a HTC mobile phone:
Traffic service in iPhone_Australia_title Traffic service in iPhone_Australia_larger area Traffic service in iPhone_Australia_list

Traffic service on HTC_Australia_title Traffic service on HTC_Australia_larger area Traffic service on HTC_Australia_list

(The pictures above don't represent the phones in real or comparative dimensions)


Sygic media contact: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,
Intelematics media contact: Alicia Aldini, Blackie McDonald,

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About Intelematics Australia

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Globally recognised for innovation, Intelematics Australia's ser­vices include safety and security, fleet and workforce management, real-time traffic information and navigation, together with a range of real-time motorist information and convenience services.  Intelematics also provides enhanced remote vehicle diagnostic and eCRM services.

Intelematics Australia is a leading provider of OEM telematics programs within the Asia Pacific region and works in partnership with its clients to create tailored programs that bring benefit to vehicle manufacturers, their maintenance and retail channels, and motorists.

SUNA Traffic Channel, operated by Intelematics, has been adopted by leading brands including Alpine, Continental, Eclipse, Ford, Garmin, Google, Mio, Navigon, Navman, Navteq, Navway, Ninemsn, Nissan, Nokia, Pioneer, Toyota and Uniden.

The RDS-TMC service now covers more than 95 per cent of the Australian main metropolitan population, with coverage in VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT, SA, and WA. SUNA is Australia's only digital traffic service broadcast using the international RDS-TMC standard which is supported by most GPS and automotive brands. SUNA content is also offered to developers of online and smart-phone applications.