Sygic apps for iPhone are getting ready for fast app switching in iOS 4

Aug 2, 2010

Sygic iOS 4

All navigation apps from Sygic for iPhone will allow fast app switching in iOS 4. 

Updated versions of Sygic turn-by-turn voice guided navigation apps for iPhone – Mobile Maps and Sygic Aura Drive, will enable the users upgraded to iOS 4 to suspend the application at any moment and then return to the same spot instantly. Sygic Aura Drive update already went live, and Sygic Mobile Maps will follow within a few days.

„The users often complained about the fact that navigation apps drop and resume after accepting a phone call. Although the resuming was quick and straight to the current route, they still felt this as discomfort. With the new iOS 4, the application will load back after a phone call within a blink of an eye.“ comments Anna Hurbanic, Sygic PR Manager.

Sygic users on iPhone, running on iOS 4, can receive this update by means of free iTunes updates of all existing regional packages of both Sygic Mobile Maps 8.1.6 as well as Sygic Aura Drive 1.6.1.

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Media contact: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,

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