Sygic Mobile Maps US and Canada for Nokia N900 Maemo available for purchase

March 23, 2010


Two new regional apps got available for purchase for Maemo phones at Sygic web e-shop:
Sygic Mobile Maps US shortly before the start of the last weekend, and Sygic Mobile Maps Canada today. They are the first turn-by-turn voice guided navigation application for Maemo phones got available for Nokia N900 users in North America 

With the full set of navigation features, multiple user settings, fast route calculation, user-friendly operation and the latest maps situated on-board of the device, Sygic Mobile Maps turns Nokia N900 into a full-featured personal navigation device, and provides for superb user experience and reliable navigation.

Download Sygic Mobile Maps for Nokia N900 from:
Watch video of Sygic Mobile Maps on Nokia N900:…

US version of Sygic Mobile Maps for Maemo features full set of US maps, including Alaska and Hawaii – the price is EUR 49.99. Sygic Mobile Maps Canada costs EUR 39.99. Thelicense has no time limit of use after purchase. Another available region (since March 18) is Europe – for EUR 59.99 it includes countries of Western Europe and Eastern Europe (list of countries on the e-shop). Further regions will be added and announced gradually. Sygic Mobile Maps navigation applications for Nokia N900 Maemo OS phones feature Navteq maps.

Product description

Sygic Mobile Maps is a turn-by-turn voice guided navigation software that converts mobile phones into full-featured navigation devices. It is fully operable on hundreds of mobile phones and smartphones running major mobile operation systems, incl. iPhone, Symbian, Maemo, Android and Windows Mobile, incl. Windows Mobile 6.5. It also supports various PDA, PND and MID devices based on Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista or Linux. Sygic Mobile Maps uses latest maps located on-board of the device, which means that the use of the navigation is not conditioned by mobile network signal availability.

Features and benefits of the Mobile Maps:

  • All latest maps are with you on your phone.
  • Speed cameras, speed limits and railway crossings warnings provide safety for you and others.
  • Signposts help you to head in the right direction.
  • Lane assistant informs you about the correct lane to be in.
  • Automatically or manually adjustable color schemes for day and night use.
  • User interface and voice guide speak your native language.
  • Search for millions of restaurants and other points of interest, with an option to call in, find parking, and navigate to.
  • Design your trip with multi-stop route planning before you head out.
  • See the summary of your trip before you set off.
  • Avoid a roadblock with a single click.
  • Save and organize favorites according to your needs.
  • Customize what you want to see on the navigation screen.


Media contact: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,

About Sygic

logo_Sygic_whiteSygic develops, markets and sells innovative, location-based products and turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation software. Sygic applications are present across more than 200 types of devices and operating systems such as the iPhone, Symbian, Maemo, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Windows XP/Vista and Linux. Sygic's GPS/LBS software is delivered worldwide in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Italian, and 20 other languages. Sygic works with map industry leaders for supreme mapping support through all regions of the globe and it cooperates strongly with leading PND, phone and PMP manufactures globally to bring the latest technology to markets everywhere.

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