Sygic turn-by-turn voice guided navigation is running on Google’s Android

HTC_Android_with_Sygic_low-res_sSygic, the author of the Sygic Mobile Maps turn-by-turn voice guided navigation software, is releasing the navigation application for yet another platform – Google's Android operating system. 

Sygic Mobile Maps is a proven navigation application on a range of more than 200 devices including 150 mobile phones and smartphones, among others also on the iPhone. This way the Android enthusiasts can benefit from all the feedback of Windows Mobile, Symbian and iPhone OS phone users so far.

The strength of Sygic and our development lies in the fact, that we are using a common product base for all operating systems. Thanks to this multiplatform approach we need much shorter time to get the application working on any device as well as maintaining them in the future. After Windows Mobile, Symbian, Linux and iPhone we are now launching the Android version. It is expected to hit the market in Q3 2009 in cooperation with major global hardware players – we will release more information very soon. The first supported regions are going to be Europe, North America, Russia, Australia, South East Asia, and further regions will be added later.“ says Michal Stencl, Sygic's CEO.



Anna Hurbanic, Sygic's PR Manager, adds:  „We are looking forward to the exciting new wave of Android devices – and we are not speaking about the mobile phones only – to approve and support, as they will be introduced later this year.“

Apart from the inherent distribution through Android's native Android Market, Sygic is currently selecting further sales channels and distributors in order to offer the application to the users.




Screenshots from the Sygic Mobile Maps application for Android:



SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF10 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF2 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF6 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF8


SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF14 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF16 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF18 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF20 SMM_Screenshots_EN_PDF22


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Sygic Mobile Maps navigation application is also available for mobile phones based on Windows and Symbian platforms (more than 150 approved devices) and for iPhone – for info visit Sygic web pages

Contact for media information: Anna Hurbanic, PR Manager,

About Sygic

logo_Sygic_whiteSygic develops and sells turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation for a wide range of mobile devices. Sygic delivers its GPS software worldwide in more than 20 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Malay, Greece, Russian and nearly all European languages, working together with map providers to support maps for all regions. Sygic cooperates strongly with leading PND, phone and PMP manufactures worldwide to bring the latest technology to the market. Sygic supports major OS's: Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone, Linux, Android, and its applications have has been approved on more than 200 devices.

Sygic's major competitive advantages are based on navigation experience from professionals: intuitive user interface, fast rendering and route calculation, low demand on processors and memory, automatic screen resolution adaptation, smart recognition and self-setting to keyboard or touch screen operation and above all the multiplatform engine, all this to make the application start quickly and run smoothly on any device.

The company was founded in 2004 with a vision to operate as a strong, technically oriented company in order to bring innovative products for the LBS/ Navigation market.

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