Traffic information service coming to Sygic Mobile Maps for iPhone

November 24, 2009

Sygic is  preparing the launch of the real-time traffic information service add-on to its turn-by-turn navigation software Mobile Maps for iPhone at the beginning of 2010.

„Traffic information service has definitely been among the features most discussed by our users recently. We are happy to state, that we have finalized the technical part of it, i.e. enabling the traffic info service client run in the application. At this moment, we are in negotiations with the providers of this kind of service in different countries and we trust to finish these within a few weeks, so that we can launch the real-time Traffic feature for iPhone app at the beginning of 2010.“ says Michal Stencl, CEO, Sygic.

The benefits of real-time traffic information are undeniable in today's mobile society: being informed and making the right choice of route saves time and fuel, protects the environment and last but not least, avoids getting exposed to the risk of participating in or causing further traffic incidents, which is a common reality of congested traffic situation.

Receiving up-to-date information about traffic incidents (where available) and depicting them on maps in real-time provides the driver with a detailed picture of where traffic incidents, accidents, road works, or congestion zones – illustrated by relevant route parts coloured according to the degree of the congestion – are located on the selected route. Based on this, the driver can decide to avoid them by using an alternative route. In order to do this, the navigation application is supportive again and features either automatic or manual rerouting option in order to instantly calculate the best new route to the destination.

Sygic Mobile Maps real-time Traffic information service add-on feature is planned to be available for iPhone in three subscrip­tion models to suit all needs – monthly, annual or life-time. More information about pricing and where/how to buy will be available once negotiations with data providers will be finalized.

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