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Head-up Display

Project navigation onto the windshield of your car.

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Enjoy a safe & comfortable drive at night

See all navigation instructions projected directly into your line of sight - the windshield. This allows you to process instructions faster and keep your attention on the road. Head-up Display works without any additional accessories or devices. It projects all important information such as turn indicator arrows, distance to the next turn, your current speed and speed limit. Warnings for speed cameras and estimated time of arrival are also included.

How to get Head up display in Sygic GPS Navigation app


Launch your Sygic GPS Navigation app


Go to menu


Choose Head-up Display

Launch Head-up Display

Once you purchase Head-up Display, you can launch it from the HUD icon in the menu. Plan your route and tap on HUD icon to launch Head-up Display. You can also use Head-up Display without a route to see your current speed or warnings for speed cameras.

Flip Head-up Display to mirror image

Once the Head-up Display is running, please tap on the screen. Options to return back to normal navigation and to flip the Head-up Display to mirror image will appear. Flipping the Head-up Display to mirror image is necessary to see it correctly when it’s reflected on the windshield.

Place your device under the widshield

Flip the Head-up Display and place your device under the windshield. By adjusting the distance of the device from the windshield you can change how high on the windshield the Head/up Display appears. You are ready to hit the road.

Head-up Display is not available in following apps:


Sygic: Voucher Edition · Sygic & Trakker Nav Pakistan · Sygic India Navigation & Maps ·
Sygic Taxi Navigation · Sygic Truck Navigation · Sygic: Edition Vodafone · Sygic: Telekom Edition · Sygic: Viettel Edition


Sygic Algeria & Tunisia: GPS Navigation · Sygic Argentina, Chile, Uruguay: GPS Navigation · Sygic Azerbaijan: GPS Navigation · Sygic Canada: GPS Navigation · Sygic Central Europe: GPS Navigation · Sygic Central & Western Africa: GPS Navigation · Sygic Eastern Europe: GPS Navigation · Sygic Egypt: GPS Navigation · Sygic Iraq: GPS Navigation · Sygic & MapmyIndia: GPS Navigation · Sygic Iran: GPS Navigation · Sygic Hong Kong & Macau & Taiwan: GPS Navigation · Sygic Israel: GPS Navigation · Sygic Kazakhstan: GPS Navigation · Sygic Morocco: GPS Navigation · Sygic México: GPS Navigation · Sygic Nordics: GPS Navigation · Sygic & Trakker Nav Pakistan: GPS Navigation · Sygic Poland: GPS Navigation · Sygic Southern Africa: GPS Navigation · Sygic UK & Ireland: GPS Navigation · Sygic Venezuela: GPS Navigation · Sygic Việt Nam: GPS Navigation

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