Premium Licenses

Lifetime Premium licenses include all the features you need for safe and fast navigation. You only pay once, and you can enjoy all the great functionality forever.

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Lifetime Premium Licenses

Our licenses are valid for a lifetime, contain offline maps with free map updates and offer great functionality that’s useful for anyone with a driver’s license.

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Premium Navigation Features

Have a look at some of our most popular features below, the complete list of features is available here.

Offline Maps with Regular Updates

Sygic GPS Navigation with offline maps always works, even when there is no internet connection. With the latest offline maps stored on your smartphone or tablet, you don't need a data signal to stay on the right path. You will receive multiple updates of your maps every year, including up-to-date information about the road network, addresses and Points of Interest.

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Voice navigation

Don’t take your eyes off the road, focus all your attention on driving and stay safe while following the continuous spoken turn-by-turn instructions. Voice-guided navigation with Spoken Street Names will provide you with precise instructions that tell you the names of streets and cities, as well as the directions and distance to each maneuver.

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Speed limits

Drive with Sygic GPS Navigation and you will always know the current speed limit, even when you miss a sign. You will get clear visual and voice alerts every time you exceed the speed limit. For increased safety and a smooth driving experience, Sygic will also warn you about the upcoming speed limit change before it becomes effective, so you can adjust your driving accordingly.

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Real-time Traffic Information

Sygic GPS Navigation offers incredibly accurate traffic information. The information is updated every 2 minutes, so you'll always know what's happening on the road. The fastest route to the destination will be constantly corrected during navigation to avoid unnecessary delays.

Available only in Premium + Traffic licenses

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Select your region and feature set, find the package that’s right for you.


Basic features

These navigation features are available for free in the Sygic GPS Navigation app for iPhone, Android and Windows. You can purchase one of the lifetime Premium licenses or add-on features to further enhance your navigation experience.

  • Offline

  • Map

  • Predictive

  • Offline

  • Speed camera alerts

  • Live parking service

  • Millions of interesting Places

  • Web Route