com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Builder (final Context context)
Builder setKeyAndSecret (@NonNull final String key,@NonNull final String secret)
Builder setOnlineRoutingServiceKey (@NonNull final String key)
Builder setPath (@NonNull final String path)
Builder setInitListener (@NonNull final OnInitListener listener)
Builder setTracking (final Tracking tracking)
Builder setRemoteControl (final RemoteControl remoteControl)
Builder setLogConnector (final LogConnector logConnector)
void init ()

Detailed Description

Builder for initializing SDK.


new SygicEngine.Builder(APP_KEY, SECRET, context).setInitListener(this).init();

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.Builder ( final Context  context)

Create builder with mandatory arguments.

Member Function Documentation

void com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.init ( )

Initializes the Sygic engine from arguments supplied to builder. It is necessary to call this method before anything else.

Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setInitListener ( @NonNull final OnInitListener  listener)

Set a listener to be called after engine is initialized.

Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setKeyAndSecret ( @NonNull final String  key,
@NonNull final String  secret 

Set key and secret to use with Sygic SDK. This will only be used if no key is defined in your settings_app.json

Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setLogConnector ( final LogConnector  logConnector)

Sets the log connector which will get the logs from the Sygic SDK. You can attach these logs to crash reporting tool or attach them when reporting issues with the SDK.

logConnectorinstance of the connector which will get the messages
instance of this Builder
Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setOnlineRoutingServiceKey ( @NonNull final String  key)

Set api key to use with Sygic online routing API. This will only be used if no key is defined in your settings_app.json

Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setPath ( @NonNull final String  path)

Set path to directory with maps and resources. The default is app private storage directory on the external storage.

Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setRemoteControl ( final RemoteControl  remoteControl)
Builder com.sygic.sdk.SygicEngine.Builder.setTracking ( final Tracking  tracking)

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