frameLOGIC is a company which provides the best IT solutions in fleet management and field services areas. For over 10 years we support businesses in many industries, providing them with support of highest quality.

Our services grant tangible benefits: efficiency increase, costs minimization, and creation of optimal conditions for further growth.

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Product Name

Fuel Control

About Product

Fuel Control is the most precise method of diesel level measurement. Readings from sensors installed in the fuel tanks are supported by sophisticated algorithms and constant care of our technical assistants. Therefore, we can guarantee the highest measurement accuracy in Europe – 1.5% of tank size. Unlike other solutions available on the market, we guarantee such accuracy under standard road conditions, in the scope of fuel consumption, refueling, and fuel losses.

About Sygic integration

The outcome of our partnership is implementation of Sygic GPS Navigation software into our mobile apps: FS.frameLOGIC and FS.frameLOGIC Communal.


  • Local distribution and delivery
  • Long haul transport and logistics
  • Waste removal and road cleaning

Supported countries

  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Latvia