Industries and the transport companies need to be more connected

19. 08. 2015 · 1 min read

Earlier this year at the Transport Logistic Trade Show in Munich, we had a chance to talk to Fabian Heidl, the Strategic Head of Sales at Soloplan, about our product and cooperation with each other. Some interesting observations were made concerning the challenges of the telematics industry in the coming years.

Connecting the driver

In 2011, after an intensive selection process, Soloplan chose Sygic as the exclusive partner for providing the navigation software in Soloplan’s telematics solution.
Today when Industry 4.0 has a strong influence on telematics solution providers, the integration of Sygic Navigation into the CarLo solution confirms the strategic acuity of Soloplan.
“Industries and the transport companies have to be more connected. This connection doesn’t stop at the gate; it is also linked to truck drivers. Sygic is providing a solution which routes the drive to have the lowest costs, to be on time and to prevent the driver from doing anything else that wasn’t planned in the office,” summarized Fabian.

Soloplan & Sygic

Soloplan is a leading European provider for transport management software with route planning, freight billing, automatic tour planning and fleet management. Soloplan counts among its clients the major European transportation companies with their own fleets or handling subcontractors.
Soloplan is one of Sygic’s most reliable partners, and integrates Sygic into its technologically advanced Android-based telematics solution called CarLo. Sygic is connected to CarLo’s planning tool used by dispatchers to plan exact itineraries. The sequence of stops is then sent to Sygic which calculates the shortest or fastest route (based on vehicle attributes and cargo) between each stop and navigates the driver exactly as planned. In case the driver leaves the pre-planned itinerary, he and the dispatcher are automatically informed about this event.

Written by RS