6 Tips for Avoiding Getting a Speeding Ticket with Speed Cameras by Sygic

12. 03. 2015 · 2 min read

The most obvious way to avoid getting a speeding ticket is to not speed in the first place, but you already knew that. For many of us, however, accidental or minor speeding is common, if not a necessity.

Noticing every single speed limit sign on the road during your daily commute or travels is a mission nearly impossible to achieve. When we add police traps, mobile and stationary radars, and a myriad of unpredictable incidents on the road every couple of minutes to the equation, avoiding speeding tickets can seem pretty difficult.

1. If you get stopped by the police, do not admit you were speeding

If you are stopped by a police officer, abstain from confessing that you were speeding. Give a noncommittal answer, such as: “I see, I was not aware of that.” Admitting that you were speeding intentionally or otherwise would not work in your defense under any circumstances in case of a traffic court appearance.

2. Being nice and polite can help more than you think, even if you’re not a beautiful lady

Be as polite as possible to the police officer that has stopped you. Save sarcasm and jokes, as neither will benefit you and might increase your chances of tough penalization. If the officer remembers anything about you, it should be that you were pleasant and cooperative. Positive behaviour will help minimize your fine, and if you’re lucky, you might end up with only a warning.

3. See speed cameras, radars or police traps before they see you

The Speed Cameras smartphone app warns you about incidents ahead of you and clearly indicates the type of incident you are approaching as well as your distance away. The app contains a robust database of thousands of fixed speed cameras, average speed checks and red light cameras locations. It also warns you about mobile speed cameras and police traps ahead of you happening in real-time, giving you enough time to slow down.

4. Receive voice alerts about upcoming speed limit changes from the Speed Cameras app

As mentioned above, noticing every single speed limit sign on the road during your daily commute or travels is a mission that can seem nearly impossible to achieve. Not when you use Sygic’s Speed Cameras. The app provides voice alerts that warn you about upcoming changes of speed or incidents ahead so you cannot miss them.

5. Take an active role in your community and report incidents along your daily commute

Users of Speed Cameras create a community of drivers who are able to help each other by reporting all incidents they see along their daily commute. By taking an active role in the community, the database of online incidents increases while your chance of getting a speeding ticket decreases.

6. Reduce distractions and use Head-up Display once it gets dark outside

Using the Speed Camera app’s Head-up Display feature at night can help you keep your attention on the road and will keep you from constantly checking the display of your smartphone. All important information, such as upcoming speed limit changes or incidents on the road ahead of you, are projected directly onto your windshield.

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Written by Katarína Halušková