Saving time and resources with Sygic FleetWork automation processes

20. 04. 2016 · 2 min read

Countless fleet owners struggle to find and implement affordable and easy to use dispatch system. Sygic FleetWork, professional navigation bundled with web based fleet and workforce management, is an easy, flexible, affordable solution for fleet owners all sizes.

FleetWork clients benefit from automated methods of work management, which are increasing efficiency of their businesses. Here are selected automation features that help you save time and resources on job creation, dispatching and monitoring of your fleet.

FleetWork API

Our easy to use and well documented API functions connect to any ordering and optimizing system ensuring the communication between server system and FleetWork with no need to use the dispatcher’s web page. FleetWork then automatically creates jobs from your ordering system with all the details and sends them to dispatchers via other automated features as

Autoassign feature

FleetWork automatically assigns jobs based on drivers’ position. Driver can accept or reject the job. If he rejects, FleetWork automatically assigns job to driver next in line.

Autodecline feature

In case you need fast reaction (typical for food delivery) you cannot wait for driver to react too long. If he does not react in a certain period of time (set up by dispatcher), FleetWork automatically sends job to next suitable driver.

Assign to all feature

FleetWork may automatically assigns jobs to all the drivers in a group. *Group of drivers can be created by dispatchers based on certain aspect- region/country drivers are from. This is typical scenario for taxi industry, when an order from customers goes automatically to the closest drivers and the first who reacts will get the ride.

Notifications when dispatcher’s attention is needed

FleetWork can automatically notify dispatchers, when the job has not been accepted by any driver for certain amount of time.

All these automatic features save time on planning, scheduling and communication. On the top of this, FleetWork is also able to automatically optimize route and execute basic control and monitoring of drivers based on given rules.

Job rules to auto control Job’s execution

FleetWork has the ability to automatically control drivers’ job execution based on rules that dispatchers can create.

  • Complete job at address: driver is allowed to finish a job only when he is in certain radius from the given address (radius is set up by dispatcher e.g. 150m)
  • Enforce start times: drivers can execute jobs only at a given day or time
  • Enforce task order: driver has to follow job itinerary/schedule in order

Optimize route feature

FleetWork is able to optimize itinerary also with time windows.

The results of the implementation of Sygic FleetWork into our service has helped us to improve significantly our service by reducing delivery times and communication around each order. Automated job dispatching has helped us to eliminate mistaken deliveries and our service is actually becoming the biggest food delivery service in the market,” Boris Gombarcik, CEO,!

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Written by Natalia Bencurova