Raster Maps JS

Embed Sygic Javascript Map into your web or mobile solution and experience state of the art design powered by our top-notch algorithms and technologies. Choose your preferred map data provider for each fleet or project – select from premium vendors like TomTom or HERE, community maintained OpenStreetMaps or use your custom-made map data.

Map style

Sygic Maps are using Map style specially created for enterprise use:

  • Clean visuals without unnecessary labels, POIs, and areas
  • Road labels are displayed on higher zoom levels only
  • Style is using subtle colors which makes it suitable for visualization of customer's own data on top of the map
  • Custom layers allow you to display only the POI categories you need

Map updates

Quarterly based incremental map updates without service interruption.

Custom Layers

Possibility to display custom layers on top of the Sygic Javascript Map.
Currently available:

  • POI layer
  • Truck restrictions layer
  • Real time and typical traffic layer
  • Real time incidents layer