New Automotive SDK from Sygic Brings Mobile Apps Experience to Car’s Infotainments

04. 06. 2019

Sygic Automotive SDK combines maps and navigation with new technologies available in the cars such as data from the internal sensors, voice control modules, and camera systems to deliver a safer and proactive user experience in-car infotainment.

Sygic, the mobile navigation developer trusted by 200-million drivers around the world has unveiled a new software development kit (SDK) for car makers at TU-Automotive Detroit. The latest announcement comes with Sygic’s effort to bring the mobile apps approach into the infotainment systems in cars.

Redefined User experience standards

„We believe that the new technology available in modern cars and the know-how from the mobile apps industry converge into a much safer and personalized user experience that will help car makers revolutionize cars infotainment and how we use it,“ said Stefan Janciga, Vice President of the Automotive unit in Sygic.

According to the 2018 J. D. Power Initial Quality Study of 75,712 purchasers, a fifth of the new car owner is not satisfied with the infotainment system, which includes GPS navigation, Bluetooth integration, USB connectivity, voice recognition, and the user interface. And while satisfaction has slightly increased in recent years, it is still not as significant as in other categories, such as interior, engine, or exterior.

„When you compare the development of mobile apps in the last few years with the current offering of the car makers, the gap in the design, features and overall user experience is significant,“ explained Janciga.

Single platform for the Global Market

The new Sygic Automotive SDK provides an immersive set of innovative API‘s for car makers, ranging from progressive routing that learns the driver’s daily routines, data from vehicle integration, augmented reality, object recognition, and advanced voice recognition. All of the features can be combined with GPS location or smartphone sensors and integrated with vehicle infotainment.

Sygic designed its SDK for the Automotive industry as a map agnostic platform which will allow car makers to cover the global market with a single technology provider and still be able to deliver an excellent local experience. The company already cooperates with recognized map providers including TomTom, Zenrin, Map My India, Here and many others.

Also, as a legacy from the mobile app world, Sygic understands that engagement is crucial in order to keep users satisfied and loyal. Therefore the new concept of the map and navigation SDK for automakers includes technologies to easily applied Gamification strategies to deliver successful automotive apps.

„First and foremost, the flexibility of the Sygic Automotive SDK allows car manufacturers to bring next-generation all-in-one navigation technology to their customers with tailored design, user experience, and several safety layers,“ defined Janciga. „Secondly, thanks to data to vehicle integration, our SDK can read and predict upcoming situations and becomes a handy assistant for drivers en route,“ he added.

TU-Automotive Detroit will host Sygic Vice President of Automotive unit Stefan Janciga, who will showcase the SDK at stand C220 and VP of Enterprise Miroslav Remecky, joining the panel discussion about UX, AI, and the Next Generation Assistants.