Top 5 Project Managers' requests

14. 03. 2017 · 5 min read

Sygic’s dedicated team of project managers actively assist our clients during and after the process of integrating Sygic Professional Navigation. They work on a range of interesting projects from integrating our GPS Navigation to 3rd party applications that are rolled out to thousands of truck and van fleets, to customizing navigation for falcon tracking system.

“A reliable product and exceptional support from the Sygic Business Solutions team is the most compelling reason why we would recommend Sygic Navigation.” Gavin Harvett, Head of Product Management, MiX Telematics

These are the TOP 5 inquiries our PMs receive

1. Helping customers deploy navigation solutions on different hardware and software platforms

“We see that more and more customers are shifting to the 'bring your own device concept', where drivers use their own devices at work and have necessary applications installed by their employer. Sygic GPS Navigation is the ideal solution for this type of policy. It has wide hardware compatibility and the navigation can be installed on any platform,” explains Lucia Cibulkova, Head of Customer Project Management.

Sygic has always focused on innovations and new trends within the telematics and navigation area. Sygic Professional Navigation can be easily installed on any specialized professional device, tablet, phone, PND/MFD or in-dash hardware.

“There are many companies which still use devices that run on Windows CE. However, we see an increasing tendency to implement Android devices that provide integrators with customization possibilities, a wide variety of applications and frequent updates. We cover all the platforms including Windows Mobile, Windows XP, 7,8,10, iOS. We support a wide variety of them, including fleets which are equipped with Linux black boxes. Sygic Navigation SDK allows development in different programing languages and tools so we are able to cover the needs of any integrators and fleet owners,“ continues Lucia.

2. Feature customization for different verticals and geographic areas

Each vertical market is unique and requires a specific set of features that integrators demand for their solution. Our project managers help customers find and implement functions that are customized for them. Sygic SDK provides a robust programming interface with over 60 navigation APIs from which you can choose the functions you need.

For example, in the Parcel and delivery industry, easy itinerary management is crucial. With AddItinerary, AddEntryToItinerary, and DeleteEntryToItinerary APIs it is possible to create and manage itineraries in a couple of seconds.
Automatic avoidance of roads unsuitable for trucks, cargos or hazardous materials is the most demanded feature for the heavy haulage industry. Via ChangeApplicationOptions API you are able to set the vehicle attributes.
Many integrators want to include custom-defined points of interest (hospitals, police stations, service stations, warehouses, depots) or visualize job related content (water hydrants) on the maps.

“Feature customization is region-dependent. The best example is a preferred left or right turn that professional drivers use worldwide to avoid time-consuming and dangerous turns at intersections against incoming traffic. We have had an extraordinary case where a North American construction company demanded preferred left turn. The reason behind this was that the drum that concrete mix trucks carry rotates in the same direction as right hand turns. If the drum is rotating a little fast it is dangerous to take a sharp right hand turn because the momentum may tip the vehicle over,” says Miro Marhefka, Customer Project Manager at Sygic.

Read more about other industry specific features like: emergency routing, taxi lanes, municipal navigation, rest stop planning etc.

3. Application settings customization

Customization of Sygic Professional Navigation application can be done on the user interface or settings level per use case. Clients either customize the navigation themselves, and make use of Sygic Partners Portal where they can find all the necessary information, or request support and guidance from our Project Mangers.

“We receive many requests to help clients customize the navigation menu. The most common case is when clients have our navigation integrated within their dispatch system and they want to add buttons like “job done/navigate to next job” or they want to add a back button. A back button is an easy way to switch from navigation to custom applications. It is activated with custom URL scheme or in settings.ini file and drivers see its icon in the upper left corner on the navigation screen,“ claims Michal Hornak, Customer Project Manager at Sygic.

4. License management assistance

Our project managers mentor our business partners on how to use the Sygic Business Licensing System – web portal that offers loads of valuable content like a knowledge base, documentation, technical documentation and more. Through the Sygic Business Licensing System, our clients can also manage their licenses and submit requests to technical support.

5. Connecting telematics and navigation

Connecting vehicle telematics with our Sygic Professional Navigation allows fleet managers to know where all their vehicles are and what are they doing. Project managers help with the process of navigation integration and quite often test black boxes in cooperation with the clients to establish the most suitable solution for them.

“Sygic SDK allows for easy integration and connection with vehicle telematics. 3rd party apps can broadcast information from vehicles directly to the Sygic Professional Navigation screen while driving. For example, real time eco score can be visualized dynamically based on data provided from external sources. When it comes to vehicle telematics and navigation, many truck fleet owners demand our rest stop planning feature. This feature provides drivers with a list of fuel stations and highway rest places on the route within the time interval of obligatory stops provided by a tachograph- EOBR unit or EDL unit in the trucks,“ Peter Mihalovic, Customer Project Manager at Sygic.

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Written by Natalia Bencurova