Inelo is Polish designer and producer of GBOX® Assist telematics system operating in the industry for over 15 years. As a leading European IT company in the transport industry is expert in the analysis and settlement of driver’s working time. Inelo has won awards such as Business Gazelles and Forbes Diamonds which confirm its stable market position. Moreover, Inelo is an active member of the international CORTE organization. At the regular meetings held in Brussels, Inelo co-creates projects affecting the changes in the road transport regulations, and use the acquired knowledge in their everyday work, providing Customers with information about new interpretations or planned changes in Community law.

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GBOX® Assist telematics system

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GBOX® Assist is a solution supporting managing of company through bilateral communication with the driver, delegation of forwarding orders directly to the driver, warning and informing the driver on dangerous parking lots, toll-zones, fleet stations available in the vicinity, navigation including trucks and many more.


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