Fuel up and Go. Sygic Has Integrated In-App Payments by Ryd in its Fuelio App

28. 09. 2021

Sygic's Fuelio, a popular Android fuel log, and mileage tracking app, has launched a new functionality to make fill-ups even more comfortable and safe for users. Now they can pay for gas directly in the app, not have to stand in a queue at the shop, and have the fuel-up details automatically filled in. In-app payments are processed via ryd pay, the most comprehensive solution for mobile payments directly at the pump.

In the pandemic times, Sygic is coming with a new feature enabling social distancing and time-saving fill-ups in their Fuelio app as the first in the Sygic family. In-app payment for fuel is a safe way to avoid crowded shops or touching pads and eliminate time delays.

In Fuelio, users can see the nearest gas stations, check the gas prices to choose the cheapest one, and find the station with enabled ryd payments. After having a ryd pay account created, they can select the pump in the app, fuel up, pay and go. With ryd payment, all information about each fill-up will be prefilled into Fuelio automatically, and the user will receive the fuel recipe by e-mail.

"This is a valuable benefit for individuals or self-employed Fuelio users, who want to track their expenses and consumption without any time-losses. Moreover, a payment via app in your smartphone without entering a shop eliminates the risk of being infected with viruses and simplifies the whole process of getting information to the app," says Adrian Kajda, Fuelio product manager.

The new payment method can be useful not only for individual consumers, but also for company fleets, who can benefit from transparent and ordered payments and billing.
"We envision a future where all car-related features and functionalities can be handled from your smartphone or even directly from your car. Therefore, we are enabling applications to offer better experiences that drive customer loyalty and differentiate them from their competitors. We are excited to partner with Sygic and bring even more powerful in-car experiences to the roads as well as providing hassle-free, secure and reliable interaction, " said Martin Schisslbauer from ryd.
Ryd payments are currently available at gas stations in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and selected stations in Switzerland and Austria. The number of ryd partner gas stations continues to grow across the markets.

About Fuelio
Fuelio is a helpful tool to track car expenses, service, fill-ups, consumption, mileage, gas costs, and save money for anyone. Android Authority published a review of gas finder apps for Android and recognized Fuelio by Sygic as one of the best on the market. It's available globally, in more than 40 languages, and it‘s free. Currently, Fuelio has over 3.5 million downloads.

About ryd pay
ryd is an ecosystem. With ryd pay, payments are made directly via app at the fuel pump or in the car. Fast, convenient and secure, thanks to banking-standard security and encryption mechanisms. ryd pay users can use the service free of charge at all partner petrol stations. In addition to our own ryd app as a direct channel, we enable third parties such as navigation apps, in-car payment from car manufacturers or apps to use the pay@pump features via an API or WebApp implementation. Our vision is to be exactly where the digital customer of our partners is.