Sygic Travel Offers Places Database With More Than 20 Million Points of Interest

23. 01. 2018

Sygic Travel now provides offline database of more than 20 million points of interest tailored for the travel industry. The database contains comprehensive information about places such as descriptions, photos or 360° videos. With the help of this service, companies can offer rich destination content, build landing pages and travel guides or enrich their emails to customers with destinations info.

Sygic Travel Places Database contains exact locations, descriptions, photos, 360° videos of the most important places, opening hours, admission fees, contact information and tags. It is available in 14 languages and can be used offline. Moreover, all 20 million places from the whole world are rated according to popularity among travellers and sorted into apt categories. It makes the database easy to search and suitable for various use cases.

“The data can be used by companies that want to offer rich destination content to their customers, create travel guides, enrich their own databases, build landing pages or display photo galleries for various attractions. We also give them the opportunity to improve the emails they send to they customers by adding information about the interesting places located near their hotel or other facility,” says Barbora Nevosádová, Sygic Travel’s Marketing Director.

Sygic Travel has been helping people plan travel itineraries since 2011. Millions of people all over the world use their web planner as well as their iOS and Android apps. Previously the company has launched its trip planning tools (SDK) and data (API) for other developers.