Sygic Travel to Offer Its Trip Planning Tools and Data to Other Companies

21. 06. 2017

Global trip planner Sygic Travel is now offering its data and travel planning tools to third-party companies in the travel and tourism industry. The content, which has already been used by millions of satisfied travelers, includes 20 million points of interest, 2 million hotels, 70,000 tours and thousands of 360° videos. It can be used to create custom-made travel guides, to display popular places located nearby or to add a trip-planning abilities to websites and mobile apps. Individual points of interest are matched to relevant tours and activities, which other companies can offer to their own customers, earning ancillary revenue.

“Nowadays, traveling becomes more of a lifestyle and travel agencies, hotels and airlines want to go beyond a one-time purchase of a night in a hotel room or an air ticket. Travel companies are seeking new ways of providing information and services that are engaging for their customers. We managed to create this kind of content after nearly six years of work during which millions of people were using it. We have now decided to offer our data and tools for trip planning to other companies as well,” says Barbora Nevosádová, Head of Business Development at Sygic Travel.

The Sygic Travel SDK (Software Development Kit) ensures comfortable use of the global points of interest database and provides tools for displaying them on map or creating personal lists of favorite places. For each popular point of interest, travelers can see photos, descriptions, opening hours, admission fees and contact information. Sygic Travel also offers tours and activities from all over the globe provided by the world's leading companies in the business. When offered to the customers at the right moment, they can be a great source of ancillary revenue for companies in the travel industry.

The content offered by Sygic Travel can be used both in mobile apps and on websites. “With our help, third-party companies can easily create their own travel apps, list the most interesting sights located in any area or show photos, descriptions and 360° videos from various destinations,” says Lukáš Nevosád, Head of Sygic Travel. He adds: “Our goal is to provide the same features in the Sygic Travel SDK as those in the Sygic Travel trip planner by the end of the year. Third-party companies will then be able to make use of all of our content as well as features like day-to-day itinerary planning or built-in tours and activities offers.”

Sygic Travel (formerly Tripomatic) provides the most relevant information and services to help travelers research, plan and book their trips. More than half a million travelers use the web planner and the iOS and Android apps every month. The Sygic Travel SDK is a part of the Sygic Mobility Development Kit. With tools and technologies included in the Sygic Mobility Development Kit, developers can build their own travel apps and solutions.