Job Dispatch Transforms Smartphones into Low-Cost Enterprise Mobility Devices with Bar Code Scanner

18. 08. 2014 · 2 min read

It has been 40 years since the first customer rang up a 10-pack of Juicy Fruit at the Marsh Supermarket in Ohio using barcode scanner technology. This pack of chewing gum generated the first scanner beep in retail history. Four decades and trillions of beeps later, bar code scanning has become widespread and commonplace in almost every industry.

It has spread fast from retail to other sectors. Without it, courier companies would never be so fast and effective; Just-in-time companies might not be able to guarantee their deliveries; even the boarding queues at airports would be much longer. Barcode technology changed the way we work with goods. Each good can be found, located and tracked with its own unique code. This has helped companies become faster, more effective and more profitable.

With the dramatic rise of smartphone usage, this technology has become more affordable even for small companies. There is no need to invest in a separate bar code reading device when all employees can simply just use a cheap smartphone with the Sygic Job Dispatch application on it.

Job Dispatch by Sygic provides an easy and simple solution for companies with field workers who need an easy-to-implement bar code scanning feature for their work flow. A dispatcher can create a job with all the necessary information with bar codes for packages that need to be delivered. This job, together with an address, the customer’s name and other important data are immediately sent to a driver’s smartphone. When the driver arrives at his destination, he just uses his smartphone to scan the package delivered to the customer. The app will tell him whether it is the right package or if there are more packages. More importantly, a dispatcher can see online which packages have been delivered and which haven’t.

Job Dispatch‘s barcode scanning feature can also be used for other purposes. Merchandisers or warehouse workers may report damaged or missing goods. The office dispatcher gets an instant report about who, where and what is missing and can undertake fast action.

Job Dispatch is powerful tool for tracking mobile workers, planning, and managing. It includes an online desktop component for dispatchers to schedule jobs, and an Android app for mobile employees to receive work plans as well as get directions from either Sygic’s GPS Navigation app or Google Maps. The dispatcher has an instant overview of every worker, his position and the status of the job he is doing. Companies can use the API to connect their systems directly with the Job Dispatch application on their driver’s smartphones.

Job Dispatch‘s main features:

  • Real Time Job Management
  • GPS Tracking and mapping
  • Built-in messaging with photo attachments
  • Job history
  • E-mail notifications
  • Customer signature captured on mobile screen
  • Support for most barcode types including QR codes
  • Job templates
  • API
Written by Roman Huba