Webinar Recording - Precomputed routes for Communal services solution providers

19. 06. 2015 · 1 min read

Waste collection, snow plowing, green area maintenance and other communal services rely on effective field worker management. Preplanned routes including off-road and unmapped elements are therefore a big topic for our partners working with communal services industry. Striving to provide the best possible solution, we developed a fresh new solution connected with Sygic FleetWork.

Sygic Communal Services Extension enables the driver to follow the precomputed route exactly as it was planned. Dispatchers, on the other hand, can easily plan and store company routes for better operational efficiency and easy replaceability of their drivers.

While still in the pilot phase, we would like to know your opinion on current progress and product roadmap and get your input on how it can be improved to meet your needs. We are planning to release Sygic Fleetwork with Communal Services Extension in Q4 2015.

The webinar, aimed at integrators and partners supplying communal services with IT solutions, shows how to plan precomputed routes from recorded GPS log or from import, how to edit routes adding custom TTS instructions and how to follow a route in Guided (off-road) Navigation mode using Communal Services Extension from Sygic.

After you have seen the recording please provide us feedback on Communal Services Extension. Below is the link to 2 minutes survey with 8 questions: Survey

For more information about Sygic Communal Services Extension, please contact our sales team.

Written by RS