Latest innovations in Sygic Professional Navigation

07. 06. 2016 · 2 min read

In order to improve professional drivers’ experience Sygic Professional Navigation regularly introduces new features. Here you can find a list of the latest innovations:

Sygic Municipal

Planning and Professional GPS Navigation bundle designed to provide the best solution for waste collection, snow plowing, green area maintenance and other municipal services which rely on effective field worker management. Sygic Municipal consists of two components: Sygic Fleetwork web application and Sygic Municipal mobile application.
With Sygic Municipal you are able to:

  • Create imposed routes to be followed exactly as planned
  • Combine off-road segments, unmapped roads and industrial areas with driving on streets
  • Manage missed segments
  • Digitize your company routes with an all-in-one solution
  • Cut costs and save time on new driver training

New map look

Introduced based on the feedback from our 150+ million consumer market user base.

  • Better orientation & greater stability
  • New color scheme
  • Better readability of different types of roads
  • Darker night mode
  • Clearer display of buildings

Rest stop planning

Give your drivers more comfort by providing a list of fuel stations and highway rest places on the route within the time interval of obligatory stops provided by a tachograph (EOBR unit).

Preferred right (left) turn

Sygic routing algorithm suggests routes that avoid time-consuming and dangerous left turns at intersections against the incoming traffic.

Screen saver

Saves your battery life up to 30% simply by turning off the navigation screen when driving on highways. Navigation screen reappears 5 kilometers before the next turn or can be reactivated by a simple tap on the screen.

Back button

Easy way to switch from Sygic Professional Navigation to custom applications.

Eco driving score

3rd party apps can broadcast information from vehicle directly to the navigation screen while driving.
E.g. Real time eco score can be visualized dynamically based on data provided from external source

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Written by Natalia Bencurova