Developers overview of smartphone to car mirroring standards

19. 09. 2018 · 0 min read

Sygic introduced first connected navigation in 2014 for Jaguar Land Rover and today our connected navigation app is compatible with all standards on the market.
Nowadays, we count 7 connectivity standards for connecting your smartphone to a vehicle infotainment system. As we've implemented them all, we feel it can come handful to share our insight with app developers, tier 1 suppliers and car makers, helping them to find the right solution.

In the latest Sygic Whitepaper, Our Head of Automotive R&D, Francisc Juraş, described all connectivity’s in regards to its overall description, implementation, integration and support.

To find out more about each connectivity standard alongside with its pros and cons, download our whitepaper below.

See the Whitepaper

Written by Zuzana Mikova