How to make waste collection more efficient with Sygic

19. 03. 2019 · 2 min read

The latest release of Sygic Professional Navigation introduces the much-expected special routing feature tailored for waste collection trucks and other municipal services, e.g. street cleaning and green area maintenance. This feature reflects the need of waste collection companies to have flexible operation planning by digitizing their routes and being able to easily share the drivers’ know-how according to the situation between different routes.

Municipal navigation is the feature that allows drivers to be navigated in the mode suitable for the execution of municipal services. That is, when a driver needs navigation in complicated trajectories not always matching the official road network. An example is the waste management service where the vehicle sometimes needs to go off-road, often into a forbidden zone or simply drive one street back and forth additional times. In addition, the driver needs to be given custom instructions, such as "collect the bin on the right side".

This might sound simple, but this is one of the most challenging routing topics that there is. It is such a challenging routing problem to solve it that the navigation must suppress its own routing and accept the directions provided by the planning tool.

Municipal API

The Municipal feature is supported by the use of municipal API functions and OFG json route object, and it is reflected by a special navigation mode called municipal navigation mode, which is triggered by the use of an API function. Using this latest Sygic feature that we are developing together with our partners from the municipal business, the driver is able to be navigated along off-road segments, unmapped roads and industrial areas, field paths, courtyards, etc.

Sygic Professional Navigation offers a flexible solution by combining truck routing when navigating the waste collection truck to the start point of its collection mission and municipal navigation mode when executing the preplanned path.

Bins database and smart bin integration

Using other features of Sygic Professional Navigation SDK also allows the import of the Custom POIs that can be used to visualize bins. And not only visualize them. When talking about smart bins, simple integration with Sygic online Maps can help with the day-to-day optimization of the route for a specific truck according to the bin status. This optimal sequence is then transferred to Sygic Professional Navigation that guides the driver through the optimal sequence of Smart bins.

Custom Instructions

Last but not least, the perfect solution to help a waste collection fleet digitize their drivers’ know-how and become flexible in their operations planning is custom instructions such as “Enter this road in reverse”.
Custom instructions are available in .ofg file format and executable as a message on the navigation screen or using the TTS engine of the navigation.

Feel free to contact us for a demo package or simply download Sygic Professional Navigation SDK demo and use documentation to test our latest Municipal routing.

Written by RS