Aldobec Technologies, s.r.o.

Aldobec technologies, s.r.o. is a Slovak company which delivers services in a field of monitoring vehicles and car fleet management. Company develops complex solutions that improve and simplify their clients’ work with car fleet management, administrative and company management. Their clients are mainly in logistics, business and construction fields. Before implementing Sygic solution, Aldobec technologies, s.r.o. did not use any other solution.

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Product Name

Mobile terminal app

About Product

Application called Mobile terminal is a special mobile app developed for needs of truck drivers. This app allows drivers to be informed during the whole process of transportation. With this application, the driver and dispatcher are able to communicate, send messages or attachments between each other.

About Sygic integration

Lately Aldobec technologies decided to integrate navigation to the Mobile terminal app to make it easier when sending exact route created in their system called to the Mobile terminal app. Connection between Sygic Professional Navigation and Aldobec Technologies’ application allows sending pre-planned destinations directly into the navigation and therefore prevent driver’s self-acting. This process is based on navigating driver through end destinations which are sent directly to the vehicle via Mobile terminal app.


  • Long Haul

Supported countries

  • Slovakia