Getters and statistics


Documentation is provided using Kotlin language.

Get trips

Retrieve all user trips based on the time windows provided

val callback = object: Callback<Array<UserTrips>> {
       override fun onResult(
           isSuccessful: Boolean,
           errorCode: Int,
           result: Array<UserTrips>?) 
Driving.getInstance().serverApi.userTrips(dateFrom, dateTo)

Get trip detail

Retrieve the full detail of a particular trip

val callback = object: Callback<TripDetails> { ... }

Get live user statistics

Retrieve user statistics. Currently we define: last 7 days, last 30 days and lifetime

val callback = object: Callback<Array<UserStats>> { ... }

Get monthly statistics

Retrieve user statistics based on a defined month range

val callback = object: Callback<Aray<UserStats>> { ... }
Driving.getInstance().serverApi.monthlyStats(8, 2019, 12, 2019 )