Sygic GPS Navigation now available on Visteon's AllGo App Store

05. 01. 2023

Sygic, a provider of navigation applications for consumers and professionals, has partnered up with Visteon, an automotive cockpit electronics supplier, to provide drivers with a new digital in-car experience.

Not long ago, cars did what they were initially made for: drive you from one place to another. Then we got functionalities that made driving much more comfortable, safe, and fun, such as AC, seatbelts, parking sensors, airbags, or driver assistance. Although cars have come a long way, there's still a way to improve to meet drivers' ever-growing demands. They no longer want sluggish, buggy infotainment systems with cluttered or underwhelming graphics. They want something fast and fluid — a happy medium between too much and too little.

Automakers need to compete with the industry's best, and technology providers are here to deliver. Android Automotive OS is a promising platform for a new, intuitive, distraction-free experience. Although AAOS includes options for data connections, Sygic stores the maps locally to limit data usage and function correctly, even with limited or no internet coverage.

Once car manufacturers realize the potential and deem it safe to open up to deep integration with the vehicle's systems, app developers can offer much more.

“Sygic is eager to provide functionality such as the state of charge in electric vehicles. Car owners will see how much charge will be left once they arrive at the destination, get prompted when there's not enough charge left, and show them charging stations on the route so they can reserve a spot in advance.” says Martin Elexa, Automotive Business Development Executive at Sygic.

Sygic is also awaiting the green light to integrate with built-in cameras for sign recognition and proximity warnings or to stream navigation into the instrument cluster to enhance the driving experience.

The Visteon AllGo App Store meets the growing global demand for safe and convenient access to app-based content in a smart, connected cockpit. Leveraging Visteon’s pioneering work in in-vehicle infotainment, the Visteon AllGo App store features a variety of automotive-optimized mobility, navigation, parking and infotainment apps.

“The addition of Sygic GPS Navigation to the Visteon AllGo App Store provides automakers with a robust navigation solution that brings new, connected features for vehicles,” said Rishita Bachu, Global Head of Connected Services Ecosystem, Visteon. “We are proud to add this new app featuring intuitive navigation packed with smart functionality and show it to our industry partners during CES® 2023.”

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