The Summer Update for Sygic Truck Navigation Delivers New Head-Up Display for Truck, RVs and Bus Drivers

26. 06. 2015

Sygic announced a new product to make driving safer as millions of truck, RVs and bus drivers hit the road for the holidays. Sygic’s Heads-up-Display (HUD) projects navigation information onto drivers’ windshields, so they never have to take their eyes off the road to look down at their navigation software.

Using the Sygic’s HUD interface is straightforward: Drivers simply activate the feature from the app’s navigation menu, flip the screen via pop-up menu and place their phone on the dashboard. The specially optimized interface then reflects clearly on the car’s windshield, displaying navigation information without the need for any expensive accessories. Unlike HUD features or apps that give only partial or gimmicky information to a driver, Sygic’s HUD feature gives them the full Sygic experience, complete with features like live traffic and turn-by-turn voice guidance.

Sygic Truck Navigation is a complete navigation system with realistic 3D maps, accurate searching and precise route computing. Sygic Truck Navigation uses specially defined maps with specific features for larger vehicles that automatically avoid roads not suitable for trucks, RVs or busses. Drivers can choose the type of vehicle, define dimensions and weight and navigation will automatically avoid low bridges and roads not suitable for your RV, truck or bus. Sygic Truck Navigation app also offers specialized features like points of interest, parking places, and gas stations suitable for trucks, buses or RVs.

“We are very pleased that our most popular feature from Sygic GPS Navigation is also available for drivers of trucks, buses and RVs. We believe that our solution will help to reduce traffic accidents during hours of darkness, so drivers can fully concentrate on the driving,” says Sygic CEO Michal Štencl.

Sygic Truck Navigation operates fully offline. An Internet connection is only necessary during the initial installation and activation of the software, for installing maps and updates, and for optional add-on services such as live traffic information and crowd-sourced Police trap alerts.

As a further advantage, HUD is available as an in-app purchase for only €9.99. Sygic Truck Navigation is available on Google Play. Sygic has announced a special summer offer of a 30% discount for RV drivers.