Planning to sell your car? Make it stand out with a Seller’s Report!

02. 03. 2021 · 2 min read

There are many useful mobile apps for tracking fuel prices and fuel expenses, or for locating fuel stations. But they often serve only one of these purposes, or are only local. In 2020 Android Authority published a review of gas finder apps for Android and recognized Fuelio by Sygic as one of the best on the market. In one place you can find not just all the usual features, but a range of useful additional tools for vehicle owners. It’s available globally, in more than 40 languages. Currently, Fuelio has over 3.5 million downloads.

The app helps users to track fuel expenses and consumption, log trips and schedule vehicle maintenance. Finding fuel prices is one of Fuelio’s main features, which is based mainly on crowdsourcing. The app is under constant development, to deliver other useful functions to vehicle owners.

Find your features

Maybe you’re a neat and well-organized person who likes to have a perfect overview of all your expenses, to maintain your vehicle in top condition, and to save money? That’s why you love to record all your fill-ups and service operations, and share fuel prices with other app users!

Maybe you’re a self-employed businessperson who uses a car, a motorcycle or a truck? You can add as many vehicles as you want in the app. For each of them, you can track and report all your trips (including GPS positions) and expenses in detailed charts, and back them up to the cloud for your accountant.
Or maybe you’re just a forward-looking person who knows that one day you will have to sell your vehicle and buy a different one that will better fit your future needs. How can Fuelio help?

Seller’s Report helps buyers decide

Seller’s Report is a new feature that enables you to generate a PDF report with information in categories that you choose, based on your car’s potential new owner. You don’t need to share all the data from the app, such as personal information or the price of services. You can create a relevant report with selected information like the vehicle identification number (VIN), average fuel consumption, and the dates of recent oil or filter changes.

Seller’s Report is a bonus feature that can be a decisive factor for a potential buyer.

Fuelio is available for free in the Google Play store with all these features:

  • Mileage Log (tracks your consumption) with shortcut for faster fill-ups
  • Supports bi-fuel vehicles (e.g. LPG, CNG, EV...)
  • Cost module for tracking additional automotive expenses (in addition to fuel)
  • Route recording algorithm with tweaked GPS precision, information about speed and altitude
  • Detailed costs statistics with customizable categories (e.g. service, maintenance, insurance, cleaning, parking, etc.)
  • Cost summaries and charts (fuel vs. other costs, categories, total monthly costs, etc.)
  • Seller’s Report and custom reports with selected data from the app, delivered as a PDF
  • Reminders (notification about your next maintenance, end of insurance, etc.)
  • Cloud Backups (Drive and Dropbox support)
Written by Zuzana Kacanova