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Telecetera is a SMART mobile IT solution supplier with over 20 years industry experience. We work across a range of industries including affordable housing, utilities, local and county councils, telecommunications and facilities management.

Our unique Telecetera Connect SMART mobile IT system enables us to deliver clients an integrated solution to workforce management, resulting in increased profit, shareholder value and return on investment through the management of business information.

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Telecetera Connect is a SMART Mobile workforce management and scheduling solution that can entirely replace paper-based working to streamline communication to field teams.

The Connect solution brings together hardware, software and communications technology (connectivity), enabling our clients to capture, communicate, store, analyze, and manage their information with one system.

Using Telecetera Connect, both office and site-based staff can quickly and efficiently communicate all different types of information required for the field operation.

This information is then linked directly back to office systems, enabling real-time updates stored in one location without the cumbersome need for manual reports, analysis and follow up requests for information.

By effective use of available network resources, on-site operatives can access the system in any location; while rare - should service not be available - Telecetera Connect will always remain accessible and automatically connect and update when service becomes available.

Through our three-stage process, Telecetera works with our clients to define their needs, design a configurable solution and implement our SMART mobile IT system. Telecetera’s on-going support network gives peace of mind to our clients while continually ensuring the Telecetera Connect system remains compatible with new technologies and developments, such as Connect Mobile for Android.

About Sygic integration

Sygic is seamlessly integrated into our mobile application, which makes it incredibly easy to use.

A simple, one-button 'Travel To' function from the Connect screen instigates immediate routing, complete with integrated traffic alerts, which enables you to take full advantage of all the Sygic features.


  • Local distribution and delivery
  • Long haul transport and logistics
  • Public transport
  • Rescue forces (police, ambulance, firefighters)
  • Taxi dispatch
  • Utilities, mobile service and maintenance
  • Waste removal and road cleaning

Supported countries

  • United Kingdom