WAY2CONNECT is specialized in optimizing the way your outdoor workers function. We keep you connected as if they are still right there in the central office. Thus we extend your organization’s full functionality to any location by eliminating the old drawbacks of working in the field.

We developed LINK2, a software solution that provides comprehensive outdoor service fleet control, digital work order planning, tracking & tracing, Sygic route navigation, time registration and great ease of use.

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Any good tool should solve a problem, not create its own.
It should improve the efficiency of your business without compromise.
Enter LINK2, a complete outdoor service management system. It’s a real-time client/server application that works both online and offline. Developed in Microsoft.net, it interfaces with virtually any existing administration software and is fully flexible to suit any situation.

LINK2 creates a functional, real-time dialogue between outdoor workers and the central office that dramatically improves efficiency by optimizing the entire work and planning process and eliminating errors.

LINK2 allows planners to schedule and assign tasks to specific field workers effectively and simply, while maintaining a clear overview of all outdoor operations.

LINK2 offers full spectrum data exchange between your central office and outdoor personnel, including checklists, drawings and photographs. Create digital forms containing every relevant detail. Any field can be made a compulsory entry, ensuring a complete information flow. Work orders can even be created by the outdoor workers on site if required unexpectedly, and digitally signed for by the client.

About Sygic integration

With the integration of Sygic Fleet it becomes possible to navigate directly to the destination in the work order. Driving time and distance are automatically saved in the work order and with the help of GPS positioning it becomes possible to track en trace the outdoor workers.

LINK2 is also compatible with the Sygic Fleet GEO fencing functionality. Leaving a fence or arriving in a fence can activate signals and different ways of communication.


  • Local distribution and delivery
  • Long haul transport and logistics
  • Utilities, mobile service and maintenance
  • Waste removal and road cleaning

Supported countries

  • Worldwide