Sygic Maps, Routing, Navigation and Search APIs to build native apps for Android platform using Android Studio.

Please be advised that this is a developers preview. Currently we do not have any support for connected cars. It will come later.

Beautiful hybrid maps, a global database of Places and advanced routing capability will make your apps world class. The powerful client-side Sygic APIs for Android include a sophisticated engine for rendering map data and route calculation. In addition to downloading map data dynamically as needed, it also supports offline maps through use of previously cached map data or previously downloaded map packages.

  • Getting Started

    In the following we will guide you through first steps to integrate a MapFragment into an Android application and view the layout.

  • Maps

    This section include adding a map to an Android application, changing the location displayed by the map and its various properties.

  • Routing

    This section explains the use of route computing functionality including multiple waypoints and alternate routes within an Android app.

  • Navigation

    This section explains the implementation of realtime turn-by-turn navigational instructions, both as visual and voice instructions.

  • Search

    This section explains how to implement online or offline geocoding and search into your Android application.

  • API Reference

    The API Reference contains detailed descriptions for each class in Sygic iOS SDK / Android SDK