Sygic Launches “Predictive Routing” for its GPS Navigation App

20. 06. 2018

Sygic's “Predictive Routing” feature will cull traffic data from a period of two years to show drivers the most efficient routes - even when cell service is not available.

Sygic, the leading global provider of GPS navigation, today announces the release of a “Predictive Routing” feature for its app. The feature forecasts traffic based on data collected during a two-year period, enabling users to follow the most efficient routes to get to their destinations.

Sygic is the world’s most trusted GPS navigation app. Available in more than 200 countries and in more than 40 languages with more than 200 million users around the world, Sygic offers one-of-a-kind enhancements such as offline maps and an easy-to-use interface, in addition to the just-released “Predictive Routing” feature.

“Predictive Routing” takes all possible routes into consideration and selects the one that takes the shortest amount of time. It does this by factoring in real average speeds on roads (rather than posted speed limits) as well as traffic lights, roundabouts, time of day and historical data compiled from similar trips. The “Predictive Routing” feature activates automatically when users turn on the Sygic app, and it even works in the absence of internet and cell service.

Until now, GPS navigation systems have relied on real-time traffic data in order to show the most efficient routes. When disconnected from cell service, these systems are only capable of showing possible routes -- without being able to readily and accurately identify the best route.

“We are thrilled to deliver the game-changing benefits of ‘Predictive Routing’ for users of the Sygic app all over the world,” said Martin Strigac, CEO of Sygic. “We are certain that this feature will enable not only a more pleasant navigation experience, but also afford users more time to spend productively -- not to mention more money saved at the gas tank.”

Enhanced GPS applications enable a great deal of savings for users: both time and money. Researchers at Ford found that GPS navigation apps could help users reduce fuel consumption by as much as 15%. An older study found that accurate traffic data could save drivers as much as four days of driving per year.

The “Predictive Routing” feature is immediately available for free to all 250 million Sygic users around the world. By combining the power of real-time traffic and predictive routing based on historical data, Sygic users have the most powerful estimated time of arrival (ETA) tool of any GPS navigation system on the planet.