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Grow engagement with your clients through apps
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3 reasons to develop Insurance apps with Sygic


Real-time driver behavior evaluation and coaching

Access to a new dimension of tracking and evaluating driver behavior.


100+ innovative apps successfully deployed to the market

15 years of expertise in cross-platform app development and 200+ million users worldwide.


Powerful app marketing and gamification strategies

Ranked among the top-grossing app developers on iTunes and Google Play with a high user retention rate.

Complex Evaluation of Driver’s Behaviour on Smartphone

Grow your brand with a smartphones app that can do the OBD job and provide handful of data not only about your clients, but also from large user base of potential clients.

Sygic unique algorithm evaluates different aspects of the driving style and calculate score of driver’s behaviour directly on the device using combination of data from device accelerometer and GPS signal.

Measured aspects: acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, risk level of the road type and driving time, distracted driving, potholes detection.


Drive Engagement and Loyalty

Engage with low risk drivers in a meaningful way, reward good driving styles and turn re-active passive clients to proactive ambassadors of your brand.

We use design thinking methods, principles of game design and behavioural science to develop apps that attract, delight, and keep your customers. Gamification allows us to support safety of our customers, make them more aware of potential road hazards and help them develop road safety habits.


Automatic Trip Recognition and Detailed Trip History

No need to start recording the trip. Trip log starts without driver's interaction and collects detailed report about driver's behavior:

  • Trip details (travel time, distance, av speed, max speed)
  • Trip events (acceleration, breaking, speeding, cornering, distracted driving)
  • Visualization of trip and log on the map

Educate drivers with real-time drivers coaching

We transformed driver's behaviour evaluation into real-time drivers coaching in order to make roads safer for everyone. Showing real-time events such as speeding, cornering, harsh braking or others, will help to shape drivers behaviour and prevent misconduct.

Real-time driver coaching is available for integration with any 3rd party application, like it is with Sygic navigation. It can run on any the device type.

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