SYNC 3 Car Connectivity

Sygic GPS Navigation is specially optimized to work with SYNC 3® AppLink connectivity. SYNC 3® AppLink is available in selected Ford models.

After making a cable connection, you can use Sygic with ease via the infotainment system. You can interact with the app comfortably while driving, in a format designed for use on car screens.

The app will run on the smartphone, but you will see it on the display of your car and hear the audio via the car's speakers.

Using Sygic GPS Navigation is convenient, comfortable, very safe and brings many advanced navigation features which are usually available in luxury cars only.

What do you need to connect Sygic GPS Navigation to your car?

  • Smartphone with iOS (Apple) or Android
  • Ford or Lincoln vehicle equipped with SYNC 3®
  • USB cable

Minimum software requirements

  • Sygic is supported on SYNC 3® v2.3 or higher.
  • To check your SYNC 3® software version, from the feature bar, tap on the Settings, then General, then About SYNC.
  • Users with a SYNC 3® software version lower than v2.3 may have an update available soon. We recommend that you monitor your regional Ford/Lincoln website for information on SYNC software updates.

SYNC 3® AppLink is not compatible with MyFord Touch. Commands may vary by phone and SYNC 3® AppLink software.

Visit Sygic Store on your device to check out our latest offer.

Visit our support center to learn how to use Sygic on SYNC 3®.

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