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interface  InterpolationCurve

Public Member Functions

 MapAnimation ()
 MapAnimation (final long duration, final int animationCurve)
long getDuration ()
void setDuration (final long duration)
int getAnimationCurve ()
void setAnimationCurve (@InterpolationCurve final int animationCurve)
String toString ()
int describeContents ()
void writeToParcel (@NonNull Parcel dest, int flags)

Static Public Attributes

static final MapAnimation NONE = new MapAnimation()
static final Parcelable.Creator< MapAnimationCREATOR

Protected Member Functions

 MapAnimation (Parcel in)

Detailed Description

Represents values that describe animation types for on-screen map movements.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( ) ( final long  duration,
final int  animationCurve 
) ( Parcel  in)

Member Function Documentation

int ( )
int ( )

Returns the animation curve.

long ( )

Returns the duration of the animation in ms.

void ( @InterpolationCurve final int  animationCurve)

Sets the animation curve. See the available InterpolationCurves.

void ( final long  duration)

Set the duration of the animation ms.

String ( )
void ( @NonNull Parcel  dest,
int  flags 

Member Data Documentation

final Parcelable.Creator<MapAnimation>
Initial value:
= new Parcelable.Creator<MapAnimation>() {
public MapAnimation createFromParcel(Parcel in) {
return new MapAnimation(in);
public MapAnimation[] newArray(int size) {
return new MapAnimation[size];
final MapAnimation = new MapAnimation()

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