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Public Member Functions

 SimpleBitmapFactory (final Bitmap bitmap)
Bitmap createBitmap (@NonNull final Context context)
boolean equals (final Object o)
int hashCode ()
int describeContents ()
void writeToParcel (final Parcel dest, final int flags)
void update (@NonNull final Context context, final Bitmap bitmap)
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void recycle ()
Bitmap getBitmap (final Context context)

Static Public Attributes

static final Creator< SimpleBitmapFactoryCREATOR

Additional Inherited Members

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 BitmapFactory ()
 BitmapFactory (final Bitmap fullBitmap, final Bitmap scaledBitmap, final long nativePtr)
abstract Bitmap createBitmap (@NonNull final Context context)
void update (@NonNull final Context context)
void finalize () throws Throwable

Constructor & Destructor Documentation ( final Bitmap  bitmap)

Member Function Documentation

Bitmap ( @NonNull final Context  context)
int ( )
boolean ( final Object  o)
int ( )
void ( @NonNull final Context  context,
final Bitmap  bitmap 
void ( final Parcel  dest,
final int  flags 

Member Data Documentation

final Creator<SimpleBitmapFactory>
Initial value:
= new Creator<SimpleBitmapFactory>() {
public SimpleBitmapFactory createFromParcel(final Parcel source) {
return new SimpleBitmapFactory(source);
public SimpleBitmapFactory[] newArray(final int size) {
return new SimpleBitmapFactory[size];

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