Sygic Taxi Navigation helping to get through crosstown traffic in Milano

11. 06. 2014 · 2 min read

Sygic Taxi Navigation with taxi lanes and ability to send locations from the dispatch center directly to the navigation, is helping Digitax to supply big taxi fleets in cities with complicated traffic system like Milano in Italy.

For over 35 years, Digitax Automotive Electronicsis worldwide leader in automotive computing. It started as producer of taximeters, later added on board computers and call center solutions for taxi companies. Digitax devices are meant for commercial vehicles in field of public and professional transport of people and goods.


Digitax supplies large taxi fleets all around the world with sophisticated solutions combining whole range of digital and telematics services that taxi driver might need, included GPS navigation. Among the most important fleets is Taxi Blu in Milano, Italy, the city where traffic rely on complicated system of different categories of lanes. Essential feature for solution provided by Digitax was the navigation able to perform proper routing on board of the vehicle, offline and that would take account of complicated traffic system in Milano.

How Sygic helped

Sygic Taxi Navigation was the only one that had included taxi lanes in its maps which turned out to be decisive feature of Digitax solution used by Taxi Blu.

The most important feature of Sygic Navigation for Digitax is flexible and wide SDK that allows easy integration of navigation into the solution. In particular using Sygic Navigation SDK, Digitax was able to launch Sygic Taxi Navigation inside their application and define the exact dimensions of navigation window making the integration seamless and enhancing the user interface.

Other important feature provided by Sygic Navigation SDK and often used by Taxi companies choosing Digitax solution with integrated Sygic Taxi Navigation is the ability to create custom set of specific locations, alias and points of interest, easily push them into the vehicle’s device and navigate the driver to precise destination.

The results

Digitax is working together with Sygic since 2006 growing together the number of satisfied clients between big taxi fleets as Taxi Blu in Milano. Sygic Taxi Navigation with SDK is helping Digitax to deliver to their clients very flexible applications that adapts perfectly to their needs.

“Sygic Navigation is the best navigation software available to our clients and they are satisfied with our solution,” says Petro Feliciotti, Senior software engineer at Digitax.

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