AIS & Sygic - Helping to solve the last mile problem

03. 06. 2015 · 2 min read

Founded in 1997, AIS Advanced Infodata Systems GmbH is one of the market leaders in professional telematics solutions for medium-sized transportation companies. AIS offers track and trace with comprehensive order management including shipment processing and documentation.

The focus of AIS is to offer perfect solution integration with any in-house system to solve the last mile problem. Most transportation companies do not know what is going on during the last mile to the customer. This is what AIS is bridging with scanning devices and smartphone apps.

Everybody needs navigation

“Everybody needs navigation to help their drivers work easily, even during their first trip. We first integrated with TomTom back in 2005, but soon found out that our customers want a customized navigation system for Trucks”, said Andreas Kirchheiner, managing director at AIS GmbH when we met at the Transport Logistic Trade Show in Munich earlier this year.

The added value that AIS customers were looking for is a navigation system that automatically avoids all roads unsuitable for specific trucks, cargos, or hazardous materials by setting the vehicle’s parameters and truck related attributes.

“We have conducted very comprehensive research in the market and found out that Sygic Truck Navigation was the best, and remains the best, navigation system for trucks and for normal cars in the market. We have been working exclusively with Sygic since 2010.”

How is Sygic helping

The Sygic navigation solution is available on all AIS terminals (scanners and PDAs). Thanks to the SDK integration with Sygic, after the driver receives an order, be it for pick-up or delivery, he will automatically be guided to the next location with a simple touch of the finger on the address - no further address entry is necessary.

The value Sygic is adding with its navigation system is the capability to perform comprehensive complex truck routing in the same short time as with navigation systems for normal cars. “Sygic has managed to get it done (truck routing) in a very short time with a first-rate and modern user interface”, concludes Mr. Kirchheiner.

Sygic also provides the possibility to import entire itineraries with additional stops to the navigation application, so the driver doesn’t need to input the route for every new stop manually.

The results of Sygic integration into Ais:mobile

The first year after AIS integrated Sygic Navigation only around 10% of their customers purchased navigation software integrated with an AIS solution. Today almost 80% of AIS customers use navigation for trucks or for cars. Rapidly growing sales of Sygic Navigation System integrated with market leading solutions such as AIS, confirms the growing importance of GPS navigation within telematics solutions focusing on last mile logistics.

Written by RS