Standpoint on Media Coverage Regarding Personal Data Processing of Sygic Navigation App’s Users

07. 12. 2020

Sygic has always operated and done business in accordance with the applicable laws. The company does the utmost to protect its customers’ privacy and has never been party to any agreements that would expose its customers' data to any risk.

Sygic only processes the personal data of users who give the company their voluntary - and revokable at any time - consent. Sygic only processes personal data for marketing purposes and in strict accordance with the GDPR. Therefore, Sygic is vigorously distancing itself from any illegal practices and is excluding any speculations about data misuse, data leakage, or a lack of sufficient protection of the customer's data.

By confirming consent to personal data processing for marketing purposes in the Sygic app, the customer allows the tailoring of advertisements with the support of the third-party partners listed in the Sygic Privacy Policy. The consent can be refused or withdrawn anytime. Each of the partners acts as an independent controller, and is contractually bound to process data only for the purposes for which the consent was originally granted – i.e. marketing purposes. If a partner wishes to use such data for other/different or incompatible purposes, the partner may do so at its own behalf and own responsibility, whilst also being obliged to respect all applicable GDPR legislation, in particular to obtain the consent of persons concerned.

For Sygic, the security of the personal data of their customers has always been the highest priority. Due to ongoing investigations in the US, Sygic decided to make use of the possibility referred to in its contracts, and cease providing companies Complementics and with data, until the investigations are concluded. Sygic's contract with Unacast expired apart from the recent events on October 30th, 2020. The exact dates as to when the data provision to the partners will be stopped, are stated at the list of third-party partners.

Neither Venntel nor Gravy Analytics are Sygic partners, and Sygic never shares any data with them. Sygic does not have the personal information that these companies have processed about Mr. Martin Gundersen, so we cannot confirm that their source is Sygic apps. In any event, neither the personal data of Martin Gundersen nor indeed any Sygic navigation user was provided to these companies by Sygic. Likewise, Sygic has never provided such data to any US authorities that have never been and are not partners of Sygic.

Sygic includes 4 apps - Sygic GPS Navigation, Sygic Truck, Sygic Travel Sygic and Fuelio - not the 70 apps that the news media incorrectly informed of.