Sygic Selected as a Global Champion for Their Contribution to Sustainability

21. 09. 2021

Sygic became a winner as a result of public voting for a Global Champion prize which was awarded by the Emerging Europe platform. The nominees were shortlisted by members of the Council of the Emerging Europe, leading opinion formers, senior business executives and senior representatives of international organisations. The key nomination criteria were the contribution to a sustainable and innovation-driven emerging Europe.

In 2020, Sygic became the 1st navigation worldwide with a mode for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (EV mode) and an integrated payment system for charging. By implementing this functionality, which is available to all users for free, Sygic aims to help solve the electric car drivers' charging and range anxiety. As explained by Emiliano Ramos from Emerging Europe, the reasons for the nomination of Sygic were clear. "It was not only the global growth and fleshing out the travel experience but also offering unique, hassle-free solutions for electric vehicle drivers and supporting sustainable travel. Implementing the electric vehicle mode within the Sygic GPS Navigation system in 2020 contributes to that."

Sygic has always been defined by driving innovations. Unlike the giants that have changed the market rules by providing pre-installed navigations in smartphones for free, Sygic has always relied on its agility and continuous innovations. "The keys for Sygic's success and market leadership have always been the readiness and ability to develop new features and innovations. We have been the first over many years to devise dozens of new features and shift global navigations to the next level," said Martin Strigač, Sygic's CEO.

CEO of Sygic Martin Strigac received the award at The Future of Emerging Europe Summit in Brussels.

Besides offering better convenience to the end user, Sygic is also focusing its expertise on improving road safety and CO2 reduction. Another of its latest ventures is driving style measurement and feedback which were leveraged by Slovenian insurer Triglav, Spanish Línea Directa Aseguradora or Onlia Canada. The platform engages policy holders and helps them hone their driving skills and is currently used by more than 300,000 active users each month.

Sygic is part of Eurowag Group, a leading pan-European integrated payments & mobility platform which is focused on the commercial road transportation industry. It makes life simpler for millions of commercial drivers and operators across Europe through its unique combination of payments solutions, seamless technology, a data-driven digital eco-system and high-quality customer service. By combining Sygic technological innovations and Eurowag solutions, the Group provides a one-stop-shop experience for customers to access payment solutions for their energy needs and tolls as well as mobility solutions for telematics products, smart navigation, tax refund services and other adjacent services.